My goal for this forum is to bring back the sense of community in the strength world. I want for us to be surrounded by positive individuals that believe in the process. I want to help others stay on track and find their way – give them footing to reach higher and the knowledge to break down mental and physical barriers. We all need help sometimes, even if it’s just a kick in the ass or to know others have gone through what you are going through.

This forum is about performance – in life and in training. This is not about fat loss or body fat percentage or looking good in the mirror; there are plenty of places to go for that and this is not one of them. Let's instead focus on the work and the pride that it takes to achieve a huge squat record or the discipline it takes to build up your conditioning to play 4 quarters of football. I want individuals that are willing to take 100% responsibility for every thing in their lives and realize that they have the power to change them.

I want people that expect more from themselves, to celebrate the work it takes to set personal records and to understand they are much more capable than the world gives them credit. In the end, we want HARD people - hard to kill, hard to keep down and that will never martyr their lives or problems for sympathy.

I can bring people together that want something different from the strength world.

If this is something you want, join us.

Do you qualify for the following?

You want to kick ass in your life.
You want to be part of a group that shares the same values of strength and commitment.
You want to ask and learn from others that have achieved.
You wish to help guide those that ask for help or advice.
You dare to be held accountable for your actions, words and goals.

Are you ready?

Are you willing to take responsibility for your actions and words and do so without the cowardice of anonymity? This means posting with your first and last name.
Do you want be strong as hell – mentally and physically?
Do you want to enjoy life and want to share it with others?
Do you have thick skin and believe that the world of correctness is scarier than loss of freedom?
Do you understand the difference between information and gossip?
Understand that empathy and point-of-view (perspective) is not the same as weakness?
Can you tolerate different points of views and respect others views? (This is NOT a political or religious forum)
Do you not fall for fitness, strength or diet trends?
Do you understand that this forum is not a democracy? I have the final say. It is my name at the top of the forum and thus it is my decision.

This forum is not for everyone and it’s ok to not want to be part of it. That is my intention – I don’t want people to sit on the fence in their lives as that is the sure way to play it safe and to get a sore ass.

We are now accepting new members after a quick screening process. Simply email with the subject "Forum Membership" and I will email you a quick survey that allows us to manually register you. This protects the forum from idiots and keeps Wendler sane. Know that as well as being private, this forum is $4.99 / month. That keeps the bots and spammers out, allows Jim to personally answer questions on a regular basis and allows for a more mature and dedicated community.

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